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financial aid Education bonus - up to 500 € from the state

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Eduaction is important, especially if you want to decrease predjudices. If you already are a prisoner of your own mind, you can at least take care that this cell is well furnished.

Sir Peter Ustinov
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Education bonus - up to 500 € from the state

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bildungsprämie weiterbildung förderungSince the beginning of 2010 every employee can get financial support for further education courses of up to 500 €. The HWBR has become an official information centre - we would be pleased to advise you in a competent way.


From now on all employees can enjoy further training that qualifies them for their current jobs or their future careers, and benefit from a good deal of financial support.

How can you apply for the Bonus voucher?

  • The HWBR has become a state-approved information centre for the education bonus and is entitled to issue bonus vouchers - no matter which training provider you have chosen for your further education course.
  • Make an appointment with our customer advisor Martina Ahrens and.
  • get advice on your training needs, independent from any training provider.
  • Immediately after the consultation you will receive your personal bonus voucher, which you will then redeem at the institution of your choice.

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What programmes are supported?

  • All advanced training courses, seminars, certificates and even examinations (taking place outside the company you work for)

BMBF - ESF - EUWhat requirements do you have to fulfill?

  • If your taxable annual income does not exceed 25.600 € (51.200 € for joint return filers), and if you are employed, you fulfil the necessary requirements. Important: Your gross income can be higher. You will find your taxable annual income on your electronic certificate of wage tax deduction.
  • First apply for the bonus voucher, then book your course.
What financial support can you expect?
  • Once a year 50% of the training costs, or an examination fee, up to a maximum of 500 €!
What else do you have to consider?
  • The training provider of your choice has to accept bonus vouchers - as for example the HWBR does.
  • Register for a further education course or an examination and hand in your voucher.
  • From now on enjoy your course - your training provider will see to everything.

Please find some Examples for the education bonus here. You will receive more information at or you can ask Martina Ahrens directly about possible financial support for your desired course.

From the 01 June 2010 we will advise you at the HWBR - arrange appoitnments now with Martina Ahrens.

For your appointment please bring your ID, the electronic certificate of wage tax deduction (or your last 3 pay slips) and - in case you do not have German citizenship - a settlement or residence permit with you.

Notice on subsidies:

This programme is financially supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Social fund of the European Union.

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